Our specialty is creating custom music to fit your every need. Whether it’s a simple short intro or a full music package, we’ve got you covered.

Pricing varies for each project, depending on the number of pieces, length, format, and whether you need exclusive rights to the music. We will work with you to figure out the best solution for your needs before quoting a price.

The process is fairly straightforward. We’ll get as much information as we can from you about the sound, style, feel, emotion, format, length, etc. Once we feel like we’ve got enough information, we’ll head into the studio to start crafting music that is tailored to your needs. Along the way, we’ll make sure that it fits your vision, and make changes based on your feedback until you’re 100% happy with the outcome.

We know that not everyone has the money of a major network, so we’ll work with you to come up with something that can meet almost any budget.

Contact us today to get things started. info@podcastthemes.com