Podcast Themes started over a decade ago, when podcasts were just beginning.  Starting with This Week In Tech (at the time one of the most popular podcasts in the world), hundreds of podcasts and radio shows now use our music.  We specialize in creating custom music which is tailored to fit your show, as well as providing premade music for almost any project.  Having the right music can have a huge impact on the reaction to your podcast or video


We offer several different options to fit any need
Custom Themes
A custom theme song for your podcast or video can bring it to life and help set the tone of the show right from the start
Premade Music
If you're looking for something quickly, our premade selection has you covered.  From rock to jazz, techno to metal, you'll find something to help make your podcast shine
Music Packages
Music packages allow your whole show to sing, with transitions, background music, intro and end themes, etc.


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